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Your cloud vendor would be happy to provide you with great features except a few, which they are going to say no straight to your face.
A wide range of IT systems and assets can make it difficult to track each resource's use, cost, and performance. A strong ITAM strategy will help you o…
Along with the threat of data breach by terminated employees, threats due to malware are added to the security risks of cloud applications
After Salesforce suffered a global outage, companies started realizing the fault lines underlying our business that they have grown too complacent about
The cloud market which skyrocketed last year due to COVID-19 is still leading in revenue growth
The payroll and benefits management unicorn will be selling a part of its services to other companies via API
You can register for the webinar here. The rapid adoption of SaaS fuelled by the pandemic has blindsided CIOs and the IT department, making it difficul…
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