33% Of Workers Are Not Happy With Their Tech Stack

Companies should start listening to their employees more while deploying tech tools.

In the difficult times we live in today, an employee’s work should be made easier by the technology they use. However, according to the data from Eagle Hill Consulting, more than one-third of employees are left frustrated by their organization’s tech stack. In fact, close to 44% feel that the technology they use makes their work harder.

Roberto Torres writes on how you can fix this problem and have your employees satisfied while working remotely. Here is what he has written:

  • Technologies that offer easy access to information, satisfaction in collaboration, and security policies can boost employee engagement.

  • Blindly deploying leading technology products is not the panacea for employee productivity. 

  • Technologies should strive to shift ingrained worker behaviors and enable them to deliver moral value.

  • Employee inputs are a must to get the maximum returns from each technology investment.

What Zluri says?

Though it just takes a swipe of a credit card to implement new technology in your organization, you can't get the desired outcome if you do so without knowing your employee needs. A constant feedback loop must exist between the IT leaders and employees in an organization to ensure that every technology being deployed is serving its purpose and is being utilized to its maximum potential.

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