5 Tips For IT Leaders To Thrive In The Remote World

There is an increasing need for IT leaders to be more employee-centric in their day-to-day decision-making.

While moving to a permanent remote/hybrid workforce, organizations have started to consider employee experience as their new agenda.

In an article for TechRepublic, Esther Shein writes about how IT leaders must adapt themselves to the changing remote/hybrid workforce.

Five tips for IT leaders, according to the article, are -

  • Practice empathy and have people at the center of decisions.

  • Align business and employee outcomes to shared goals and KPIs with other business leaders.

  • Encourage insights-driven decision-making organization-wide.

  • Invest in tech platforms that are open and flexible.

  • Partner with vendors that offer flexibility and support speed to market.

What We Think

The world has gone through a sea-change over the past year, and IT leaders have to be more cognizant of employee experience than ever before. They’ll have to adopt technologies that improve employee satisfaction and drive digital transformation while keeping an eye on shrunk budgets. Time spent researching and investing in tools and methodologies that help identify where the IT budget might be misspent might also prove beneficial.

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