9 Out Of 10 IT leaders Expect Cloud Usage To Exceed Post COVID-19

The pandemic has also caused 40% of businesses to accelerate cloud adoption plans.

With everything shifting to remote due to the pandemic, it has caused an increase in cloud reliance. Cloud adoption has become the need of the hour for business leaders to keep businesses on an undisruptive path. 

Katie Malone, the associate editor of CIOdive, writes on post-pandemic cloud strategies that will evolve and how important it is to have a proactive instead of reactive approach. 

Here is what she says:

  • Cloud implementations are the reason for businesses to survive amidst the pandemic.

  • IT leaders advise the need to leverage the cloud and apply it for their business to scale and drive innovation.

  • Cloud has not only helped in smooth functioning but has also paved the way for personalization and innovation.

  • Shaping a proactive strategy rather than a reactive response allows companies to take advantage of what the future of the cloud has to offer.

  • When it comes to cloud strategies, companies should stop defining it as "how" and focus on what. Cloud strategies should be a part of a company's DNA that should evolve alongside.

  • Organizations can start with creating a Cloud Centre Of Excellence to drive cloud strategy and establish best practices.

  • Cloud has changed its strategy from replacing on-premise data centers to becoming a tool for building new applications.

  • Adaptable or flexible cloud strategies must be made to collaborate with upcoming technology like AI and machine learning.

  • Cloud strategy that is centered on innovation accelerates project timelines, speeding up the product cycle to streamlining data analytics; it embraces cloud to try new products faster.

What We Think?

There’s no doubt that this rapid cloud adoption will be great for businesses, but there are two sides to every coin; Rapid cloud adoption can leave your organization vulnerable to data breaches, compliance issues, increased chances of cybersecurity attacks, etc. Proactiveness to move to the cloud should also be matched with proactiveness to implement strategies to protect against the potential security risks.

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