90% of B2B Decision-Makers Believe The Remote And Digital Model Will Persist In The Long Run

Only those organizations that had utilized SaaS efficiently in the pandemic prospered.

SaaS was the guardian angel when organizations faced grave challenges during the pandemic. It was the reason companies could function as smoothly as working from the office. But what is the fate of SaaS after the pandemic? Gautham Selvaraj wrote for The SaaS industry on what will happen to SaaS now and how companies equipped themselves for the post-pandemic.

Here is a brief:

  • SaaS was the perfect and most logical solution for businesses looking to get online to avoid disruptions in the pandemic.

  • As digital transformation has accelerated, companies have increasingly sought to use SaaS solutions for product development.

  • The SaaS platform is the future of collaboration solutions for businesses, providing secure, easily accessible tools and services to everyone.

  • During the pandemic, SaaS technologies such as video conferencing have revolutionized the way businesses are conducted.

  • SaaS vendors had to adapt our sales methods quickly at the time of lockdowns which involved establishing remote contacts with prospects and thinking digitally first.

  • Even post-pandemic many of these groups are still likely to maintain their current pace due to businesses and consumers turning to the internet.

  • B2B software is one of the most significant winners from the pandemic, and this trend is expected to continue when the world returns to some semblance of normality.

  • Telemedicine has seen an even sharper upturn in usage than collaboration software.

  • 57% of medical practitioners say they would be more comfortable with telemedicine now than before the pandemic.

  • Gaming and media saw a significant increase as people were shut indoors and no other leisure activity. Though not all games utilize SaaS, there are which do, and also streaming sites like Twitch became popular during the pandemic.

  • In a recent survey, it was found that most people are moving from single-player to multiplayer online, and this means the future of gaming is intertwined with SaaS industries. In addition, gaming was reported as one of the fastest-growing SaaS industries, making it an attractive investment for some startups. With software like Google Stadia, the gaming industry is looking towards subscription models and is looking to eliminate the need for expensive hardware.

What Zluri Thinks?

Using the right set of SaaS tools for your company is like going to the battle with the right set of weapons. It makes you so much more effective. Plus, new-age problems require new-age SaaS tools to solve them. The rise of the subscription model is not just a one-off event due to the pandemic but is here to stay for the long haul.

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