A SaaS Tracking Template To Help You Get Started With Managing Your SaaS

We came up with a SaaS tracking template that can help you track all your SaaS applications, billing frequencies, renewal dates, and much more. If you have less than 25 employees, this spreadsheet should cover your needs. But as your business grows, so will your number of employees. At that stage, it gets challenging to keep track of all the SaaS apps in spreadsheets.

More details -

  • If you have difficulty managing your SaaS apps, this SaaS tracker template will save you time and help you keep track of spending on these apps. This template will also help you plan for upcoming renewal and record license details.

  • Though this template is helpful to get started, it has some limitations.

Limitations of Keeping SaaS Records in a Spreadsheet -

  • It's possible to make mistakes while manually entering data in a spreadsheet. Also, this will be tiring and time-consuming when your business starts to expand.

  • Keeping track of these details: subscription costs, renewal dates, app ownership, and department category in a spreadsheet is too much. It gets more difficult as the number of apps you use increases.

You can access our template here. Give it a try and let us know if it helped you get started with managing your SaaS.