A Scary 44% Of Employees Could Still Access Company Documents After Quitting

Source: https://twitter.com/hnshah/status/1385647798658338817

Hiten Shah, the founder of FYI, Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg, and very popular amongst the start-up ecosystem, recently came up with an interesting Twitter poll. He’d asked his Twitter community how many of them could access their company documents from SaaS tools like Google, Microsoft, Box, and Dropbox even after leaving the company.

The results were quite fascinating. 44.1% have said Yes. (😱) This means many organizations do not have proper off-boarding procedures. Off-boarding processes ensure that the departing employees have all their credentials revoked and don’t have access to any organizational assets, be it hardware or the cloud. Companies become vulnerable to data theft or data loss without these processes, causing the CIOs' perfect storm.

What Zluri Thinks?

With employees being allowed to purchase and terminate SaaS apps independently in most organizations, it becomes impossible to map every employee to the apps they use without a data-driven and automated central system of record (Move aside, manual spreadsheets!). Without this central database, there’s no way you can guarantee 100% efficiency while offboarding, leading to data leakages and security risks.