AI, 5G, And IoT Are Atop The List Of Emerging Technologies

CIOs should aim to bring together and crystalize emerging technology in their future strategies

CIOs have been testing emerging technologies during the ongoing pandemic, and their next goal must be establishing strategies to use them together. 

In an article on CIO Dive, Roberto Torres writes on the benefits of combining emerging technologies and how experts are already practicing them.

Here is what his article says:

  • Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and 5G were few emerging technologies that CIOs tested during the pandemic.

  • For IoT, experts press on the need for standardization to pick up speed.

  • Only when technology and data streams combine and function can it give new outcomes, said CIO of CDM Smith, an engineering and construction company.

  • Combining technologies can gradually reduce human intervention for difficult tasks.

  • Many enterprises are already using AI-powered and Cloud-enabled solutions, and many plan to do so in the coming months.

  • CDM Smith already uses the emerging technologies to track wrong side drivers and combines information from IoT soil sensors, data analytics, and weather reports to predict when landslides can impact railways.

What We Think

We have seen countries leapfrog over the development path by embracing new technologies. For example, India, as a country, never had a strong fixed telephonic network. However, the country has been able to leapfrog the major league of nations from a development perspective by tapping into the Mobile 3G networks.

Irrespective of how technology-savvy your company or industry is, today, emerging technologies offer companies the ability to advance their competition by embracing these technologies and building solutions for your industry. IT leaders need to be constantly plugged into these latest technologies, or they will be left behind. Moreover, SaaS applications today enable companies to run quick experiments with these technologies before they can double down the investments and reduce the downside risk.

You can read the full article here.