AWS Unveils An Open-Source Tool To Turn On-Prem Software to SaaS

AWS recently announced that it would release AWS SaaS Boost, an open-source tool to help companies transform their on-prem to a SaaS environment.

Ron Miller from TechCrunch has written on how AWS has planned this process and how it will be benefiting organizations.

Here is what he says:

  • The mission of AWS is to create a community-driven suite for SaaS builders and foster an open environment to share and develop reusable codes that operate on AWS.

  • SaaS Boost provides the tools to turn an application into SaaS where users can sign up and use it in the cloud context.

  • Applications will be moved into the AWS system, where you can access all the AWS services.

  • The open-source enables companies to access the source code, contribute to the project, expand the base product, and give it back to the community—a win-win for both users and AWS.

  • The objective behind SaaS Boost is to get quality software from as many experienced developers as possible.

What We Think?

SaaS has become favored amongst start-ups and enterprises alike for its ease of use, accessibility, and agility. Initiatives like these will add further fuel to the digital transformation efforts being carried on in organizations worldwide. IT leaders must be mindful of the fact that rapid adoption of SaaS applications will come with its own risks like Shadow IT and SaaS Sprawl, both of which will be constantly touched upon on SaaS Whispers.

You can read the full article here.