Cloud Computing In Healthcare To Touch $51.9 Billion by 2024

The healthcare sector has been using SaaS to bring more software versatility

The Healthcare sector is ever-growing and plays an important role. It is constantly impacted by innovations in medicine and scientific technology and now by the rising growth of SaaS. A report by LabRetriever states that adoption of SaaS was just 4% in 2011-2012 but has increased 20% every year since then. Sai Venkatesh has written for SaaSindustry about the notable trends that can be seen in SaaS in the health care sector.

Here is what he has written:

  • SaaS can be an important component of the healthcare industry due to its low cost and scalability.

  • SaaS solutions can be used for enlarging revenue and streamlining workflows.

  •  A HIPAA-compliant software as a service (SaaS) provides valuable medical information with the added bonus of deploying applications faster.

  • Vertical SaaS can help quickly and efficiently gain access to industry-specific intelligence and patient data to understand patient insights effectively.

  • Micro SaaS offers complimentary add-ons to current developments and existing platforms by their teams, which health care sectors can leverage.

  • AI coupled with SaaS offers easier collaboration, facilitates learning management systems for healthcare training, improves patient-doctor interaction and patient care methodologies.

  •  The global telemedicine market will be worth $171.81 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 37.2%. This growth can be attributed to the rise in telemedicine adoption among large enterprises and developing economies.

  • Smooth collaboration is achieved through Hospital Management Software systems (HMS), optimizing workflows in hospitals, and tracking crucial data. They are also said to aid better revenue management.

  •  SaaS electronic health records help to see patient data more clearly.

  • Through e-learning, SaaS-powered learning management systems help doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals update their knowledge continuously over time, saving time that otherwise can be consumed in attending seminars or taking classes.

What Zluri Thinks

Healthcare industries can increase their velocity a lot by deploying cloud-based tools. But they shouldn't neglect the challenges put forth by the rapid adoption of SaaS. That too, in a crucial industry like healthcare that deals with heaps of confidential data, it is necessary to take steps that prevent any loss or breach. SaaS management becomes a key as there any compromised data can lead to a lot of legal headaches.

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