Educational Webinar On Getting SaaS Management Right For Your Organization

You can register for the webinar here.

The rapid adoption of SaaS fuelled by the pandemic has blindsided CIOs and the IT department, making it difficult to track the applications in use, who uses them, and how often they are used. Though SaaS offers a lengthy list of benefits like cost-effectiveness, easy procurement, etc., it also puts a huge burden on IT regarding hidden costs and security risks. 

To have the upper hand over your SaaS landscape, you need complete visibility over your applications.

If you are someone who still relies on robust spreadsheets to track your SaaS apps, you must know that there are few downsides to it. Spreadsheets are fine until you are a small organization with less than 25 employees. But when your company scales, so will the number of SaaS applications.

You need to update your spreadsheet constantly and when new apps enter your SaaS landscape. Also, it becomes near impossible to keep up with pricing changes, and there’s no way to discover hidden apps and secure your SaaS stack with spreadsheets.

That's why we’re conducting an educational SaaS management webinar to take you through how you can manage SaaS in your organizations with the help of SaaS management platforms (SMPs). 

Our co-founders Ritish and Sethu, will answer all your questions regarding the same and give you a demo of our platform.

You can register for the webinar here.