Healthy ties between CIOs and CISOs necessary to prevent cyber attacks

A healthy connection starts with a focus on priority business outcomes rather than specific technologies.

From Equifax to Capital One, Merck, or Colonial Pipeline, cyber-attacks have become the talk of the town in the enterprise world. As a result, businesses have experienced an everlasting impact of cybersecurity that can disrupt operations and performance. Roberto Torres writes about the importance of CIOs and CISOs having a healthy relationship that can prevent or reduce such attacks. 

Here is what he has written:

  • Seven in 10 tech leaders say vulnerability of IT is their main concern, according to data from Flexera.

  • Supporting an organization is the relationship between CIOs and CISOs. 

  • A healthy connection starts with a focus on overall business strategy rather than specific technologies. It also involves sharing risks and threats with those who need to know or understand them.

  • Regardless of the organization's hierarchy, if there are significant differences in strategy or decisions between the CIO and the CISO, this can lead to a gap or security breach.

  • CIOs need to work closely with their security counterparts.

  • Using CISO's help, technology executives can gain insights into the security risks of ongoing projects.

  • It's important to make sure that the CISO and CIO work together. One way to find common ground is by establishing a solution and sharing responsibility for its outcomes.

What We Think?

All IT leaders in an organization need to work in tandem to prevent cyberattacks. They should be ready to put the organization first and be ready to come to the table and iron out any differences.

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