How Can Companies Realize The Full Potential Of The Cloud

Even after cloud outburst amidst pandemic, businesses are finding it difficult to realize the potential of cloud

CIOs have said that their priority in the coming year will be cloud investments in major fields like cybersecurity, AI, machine learning, and hybrid cloud efforts. But nearly 53% haven't realized the value from cloud investments. Katie Malon has spoken to IT heads globally and has written an article on CIO Dive. 

Here is what he has written:

  • Organizations struggling to realize value from cloud investments should closely look at where they have chosen to make those investments.

  • CIOs and other stakeholders can start with a solid foundation for cloud deployment linked closely to business strategy to overcome the cloud value gap.

  • You should clearly articulate the mapping of the business imperative to whatever the technology's use is.

  • Since cloud holds seemingly endless possibilities to improve business outcomes, tying it closely to the business mission and use cases help realize value. 

  • Incentives and goals of implementing technology should be in line with the vision and outcomes of the business.

  • Select benchmarks that are quantitative, not qualitative, to track progress.

  • Employees should be educated on cloud skills to realize value.

  • Organizations must invest in digitally upskilling their employees to build tech knowledge.

What Zluri Thinks?

Since almost half the executives feel that lack of cloud knowledge is a barrier to adoption, CIOs and IT leaders should start training programs within their organizations. These programs should be tailor-made for their requirements and should drive immediate value.

You can read the full article here.