Increasing Cyber Threat Issues Due To SaaS

With industries hooked to SaaS during the pandemic, there has been significant growth in cybersecurity threats

Like anything on the Internet that poses a threat, so does SaaS. So, organizations need to be proactive and well-prepared to face such threats and stay cyber resilient. Many organizations have started to adopt modern solutions with cybersecurity SaaS providers. Sai Venkatesh writes for The SaaS industry on the modern security measures taken by organizations to fight security threats.

This is what he has written.

  • The popularity and adoption of SaaS have made it easier for data to be somehow leaked, as it is being stored on a remote server. 

  • There are various cyber threats, such as malware (malicious software), ransomware, phishing, etc.

  • SaaS vendors do not always ensure that their products meet customers’ security requirements. 

  • Each issue in the security area that an organization faces had more to do with the interface and interactions

  • The problems of unsanctioned applications (Shadow IT)contribute to a set of problems. 

  •  Untimely repair of bugs and installation of updates can lead to potential problems.

  • Cybersecurity SaaS involves a subscription-based approach that lets businesses pay for their service.

  • Doing a background check of the company before availing of their services is necessary.

  • Cyber Security SaaS solutions with solid support and open communication channels are crucial to many.

  • There is imperative for cybersecurity SaaS providers to be updated with new technology that counters the evolving cyber arena.

What Zluri Thinks:

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