Post-Pandemic Welcomes New Normal In Cloud Security

The aggressive move towards the cloud can cause severe security concerns in the future

It's been more than a year since remote operations started, and now some organizations also have hybrid workplaces. SaaS has been an important part of the success of organizations during this pandemic. It ensured streamlined and hassle-free tools that let organizations collaborate, plan and get their task done. As a result, many organizations had signed up for plenty of SaaS applications, putting security at stake. Joao-Pierre S. Ruth writes on InformationWeek about the new security scenarios emerging from the cloud in a post-pandemic world. 

Here is what he has written:

  • Since operations were pushed remote and to the cloud, security had to discern between authorized personnel who needed access outside the office versus actual threats from bad actors.

  • Pandemic has made us realize that we really don't have visibility into everything that's going on as we thought. 

  • This lead to investing more in security training and education

  • The pandemic has led to a move towards security models that scale better and adapt to SaaS remote working reality. 

  • The awareness towards security made CIOs realize the necessity to onboard security and compliance applications into their SaaS landscape.

  • To achieve a successful, safe and secure onboarding environment, one needs visibility into their SaaS stack.

What We Think?

Security in an organization begins with visibility. If the IT leaders aren’t aware of each application, tool, and end-point in an organization, it becomes impossible to secure their ecosystem. This is one of the main reasons why investments in tools such as SMPs have increased over the past year.

You can find the full article here.