Remote work has widened the technical skill gap, finds report

The technical skill gap has increased as work from home took over due to pandemic

As more employees still work from home, the technical skills gaps among employees have grown, according to a survey by Pluralsight that surveyed more than 600 technology executives and practitioners. In addition, four in 10 found that the gap has widened in cybersecurity and cloud computing. Katie Melone writes about the same for CIO Dive.

Here is what she has written:

  • The skills gap is a growing issue. One of the options that enterprises have is hiring skilled people or upskilling their current employees, but in this tight labor market, upskilling is more appealing.

  • But upskilling challenges leadership. Workers say being too busy, budget constraints, and a distracting environment impede efforts to grow their skills.

  • Many employers invest in upskilling tools to make the learning process easier for their employees, but these tools are not always used. While 62% of organizations provide their employees with online opportunities to improve their skills, only half of them have used the device in the last 12 months.

  • One of the ways a company can overcome a skills gap is by retraining its existing employees on business-critical skills. 

  • Cloud giants, such as AWS, Google, and Microsoft, offer free cloud training and certification programs to help businesses get workers up to speed on the latest skills.

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