Rise Of Shadow IT

A whopping 37% of UK employees rely on shadow apps as they continue to Work From Home (WFH)

Owen Hughes of The Tech Republic shared his thoughts on the rise of Shadow IT in organizations. The following are the key takeaways from his piece -

  • Remote working due to COVID has brought the massive risk of shadow IT upon organizations.

  • Shadow IT refers to the use of devices, systems, and software outside of those permitted by an organizational IT department.

  • A survey by ForcePoint found that 37% of employees working remotely in the UK relied on shadow IT.

  • They admitted to using personal devices for work and vice versa.

  • Employees mentioned that the main reason why they resorted to shadow IT was that it was simpler and allowed them to circumvent their employer's IT policies.

  • As companies continue to adjust to the new world, they should start focusing on uncovering shadow IT, re-setting policies where required, and ensuring data security.

What We Think

Although discovering shadow IT applications used by your employees is extremely important, It’s wise to understand that they do it for a good reason without any malice. Instead of finding ways to abolish Shadow IT, think of how you can manage it constructively.

You can read the full article here.