Role Of Transparency And Security In Technology Decisions

Transparency and proactiveness have emerged as the most desired traits while purchasing tech.

A study by Intel found out that 73% of respondents want to invest in SaaS vendors who are open and proactive in helping their organizations manage security threats. The reason is that they feel that only a transparent approach can make their customers feel safe and empowered. Ironically, almost half the respondents feel that their current technology providers don’t offer this capability.

Esther Shein has written about key characteristics businesses expect from SaaS vendors on TechRepublic. Below are the top expectations that have been highlighted in the article -

  • Offering hardware-assisted capabilities to mitigate software exploits

  • Transparency about security updates and available mitigations.

  • Proactiveness in addressing the vulnerabilities in their product.

  • Assurance and evidence that everything is functioning in a trusted manner.

  • Adaptability to the changing threat landscape.

What We Think

The purchase of tech services has become increasingly democratized in organizations and requires IT leaders to be on their toes more than ever. Besides having a deep look at each SLA and its fine prints to know exactly what your vendor is offering in terms of security, IT leaders can employ SMP tools to flag any software-related security threats automatically.

You can read the full article here.