SaaS Governance With The Experts

We’ve continued our first season of SaaS Whispers with the topic of SaaS Governance. We had the privilege to speak to two experienced IT leaders in Jim Hussey and Howard Miller.

A glimpse of the episodes are:

SaaS Governance with Howard Miller - With over 30 years of IT experience, Howard Miller is the current CIO at UCLA Anderson School of Management. In this episode, Howard talks about the importance of SaaS governance and its implementation in organizations, along with some day-to-day examples.

Importance of SaaS Management with Jim Hussey - Jim spoke to us about how the number of SaaS solutions has exploded and what challenges that has brought with it. He reiterated the problems that could arise for organizations that have not implemented automated SaaS management. He also shared some insights on how useful SaaS was during the recent pandemic and much more.

We hope you enjoy listening to the new episodes. You can reach out to us with your feedback or if you want to feature in our forthcoming seasons by replying to this or by leaving a comment.

Happy Listening! :)