Six tips to ensure success for IT managers

Here are some ideas to help IT leaders boost their performance

A CIO's success largely hinges on how well managers of individual departments do their jobs. Performance cannot just be measured by gut feelings or assurances from managers. It's also important to quantify their effectiveness using metrics and related indicators. John Edward writes on CIO Dive about six tips that will help you find out.

  • A survey combined with a 360-degree review is an excellent tool for determining where employees excel and where they need improvement. We also offer targeted interventions to help them improve.

  • Setting goals is an important part of defining what success looks like. For example, managers who promote a strong work-life balance typically find ways to be efficient in their own work and inspire their teams while also creating strong results.

  • Check notes that conducting periodic employee surveys that allow both quantitative and qualitative feedback is a smart way to capture feedback and gauge the success and efficacy of a manager.

  • A successful IT team starts with skilled and satisfied employees. A high employee satisfaction score usually correlates to a high-performing department.

  • CIOs should expect their managers, team leaders, and other relevant parties to have a weekly or bi-weekly meeting with their customers. This will be instrumental in establishing trusting relationships and collecting feedback on their teams' performance.

  • The most important consideration when assessing a department manager's performance is their ability to prioritize and delegate.

  • Managers should hold monthly feedback sessions with the CIO. These provide an opportunity for managers to consider new ways of handling issues and access to tools and resources that may better support them in their role.

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