SSO Wall Of Shame Created To Highlight Vendors Who Offer SSO As a Premium Feature

SaaS apps adding SSO-based signup to the enterprise tier alone has infuriated many.

SSO or single sign-on is a quick way to log in to multiple services using a single username and password. It is of great help when it comes to managing SaaS subscriptions. SSO initially logs in into a master system, encrypts it to make it secure (This process is called tokenization), and then uses the tokens to access all other systems without the need for a username and password. 

This way, you can prevent your passwords from being shared with third-party SaaS providers and revoke access for terminated employees. 

In short, SSO is a core security requirement for a company with more than five employees. Though this message was well put to SaaS companies, SSO is available just in the "Enterprise" pricing. SSO should be available as part of the core product, obtained with an optimal fee, or attached to a price tier other than enterprise. 

The wall of shame was created to uncover those companies that charge two times to 4 times base product pricing for providing SSO features.

Here is a list of vendors who are still committed to this practice.

What We Think?

We are firm believers that an SSO should be a part of the main product offering for the best customer experience and security.