The rise in usage of collaboration tools causes IT complexity

Gartner's data showed that there was a 44% increase in the use of collaboration tools since 2019

A recent report published by Gartner says the usage of Collaboration tools in enterprises has grown 44% since 2019. Gartner predicts that by 2021, one-third of enterprise meetings will take place in person. The decline was driven by the rise of collaboration tools and the incentivization of stay-at-home orders.  Enterprise tool choice can influence operations. From security to transformation, a company's ability to collaborate impacts performance.  Roberto Torres writes about the impact it is creating on IT. 

This is what he has written:

  • For technology executives, increased adoption moved collaboration solutions to a more central location in the tech stack. 

  • As these software applications become more interlinked and interoperable, some form of a cross-functional team will be needed. This will be for governance and administration as well as other parts of a business.

  • The fact that applications such as collaboration or email are mostly cloud-based has shifted how those applications are managed.

  • It doesn't mean companies don't need to manage those applications; it's just that how they were managing it earlier has changed to a more self-sustained, automation-driven way of working.

  • But with the need for more IT support, some vendors are now providing training for admins. Slack, for example, started a certification program in July 2020 and has certified over 500 administrators.

  • Suppose organizations have platform-specific IT professionals with a close working relationship in the future. In that case, all IT professionals will be working a lot closer to their colleagues who provide other services.

What We Think

As people use more and more softwares and as they become more complicated, many more organizations will start offering courses and other additional IT help to help customers feel at ease with the software.

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