U.S. Businesses excel in tacking Shadow IT

81% of U.S. IT leaders say that remote work has increased their security challenge

According to a study by ManageEngine's 2021 Digital Readiness Survey, the remote work and hybrid workforce due to the pandemic have made businesses reevaluate their security practices. R Dallon Adams has written about how the U.S. is handling the situation in an article for TechRepublic. 

This is what he has written:

  • 81% of U.S. IT leaders say that remote work due to the pandemic has increased their security challenge.

  • 97% of stateside companies have taken relevant security actions due to employees working from home. 

  • The security strategies that are implemented to protect data include "raising awareness among employees(77%), employee cybersecurity training (68%), "monitoring employee devices (47%). 

  • The top security threats in the U.S. are phishing (62%), endpoint network attacks (49%), and malware (39%).

  • (96%) said they were planning to "stick with remote work for at least the next two years.

  • U.S. has excelled in limiting shadow IT" based on all app purchases requiring IT approval (33%).

  • In contrast, two-thirds of North American companies failed to have visibility over their company's SaaS stack.

You can read the full article here. In addition, the full report can be found here.