Why Are Adobe's Subscription Charges Under the Microscope Today?

Adobe charges its users an astronomical lump sum amount of 50% of their contract to cancel their subscription

Aatif Sulleyman of Newsweek told us why Twitter users are outraging about Adobe’s cancellation fees. Details are as follows -

  • Adobe is trending in the USA today after a user revealed that he has to pay nearly $300 to cancel his Creative Cloud subscription.

  • The tweet from the profile, which has since been made private, has garnered 13000 retweets and 70000 likes.

  • Users have also pointed out that most of Adobe's alternatives are either free to use or available as one-time purchases.

Here are some of the tweets that we came across -

What We Think

As we start subscribing to more software, it becomes difficult for us to be aware of all the nitty-gritty, leading SaaS Whispers to believe that subscription and SaaS management softwares will have an essential role in the coming years.

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