Zluri releases its latest offering - SaaS Buying 

Zluri has released its latest offering, "SaaS buying," to help businesses procure SaaS without undergoing complex negotiations.

  • Zluri's SaaS buying will help companies buy and renew SaaS applications at a lower price without paying any upfront cost. This helps companies save up to 50% on their subscriptions.

  • It also saves their precious time as currently, the procurement team spends months negotiating while procuring cloud-based software.

  • Zluri first sets up its SaaS Management Platform to discover your organization’s SaaS stack and help you plan your SaaS purchases for the next year intelligently by leveraging the 200 million+ SaaS usage transactions already present in its database.

  • We then negotiate with the vendor for the best prices and work with your legal, security, and finance team to close the deals.

  • This service benefits all teams ranging from finance and procurement to IT and compliance.

You can read more about Zluri’s SaaS buying service here.