Shadow IT involves risks, including cybersecurity. Here are a few cybersecurity risks it possesses

February 2022

Here is what you need to know before sharing your data with partners.
Here are a few things to keep up with the trends of tech companies.
Failure to keep a mixed work style can result in poor outcomes for IT companies
To get the most out of vendor relationships, CIOs must use new technologies to free up bandwidth and proactively manage vendors and contracts.

January 2022

The following key initiatives should be the focus for all IT leaders in 2022
With pandemic and remote work, companies worldwide have adopted plenty of SaaS apps, bringing out the need for SaaS Management Platforms.

October 2021

Unseen SaaS spend is chipping away company's IT budget
Financial services are at significant risk due to the huge amount of sensitive data the industry holds on individuals.
Remote and hybrid workforces require a revamp in the overall security strategies
81% of U.S. IT leaders say that remote work has increased their security challenge
Since buying power has shifted to business units and departments, there has been an increase in SaaS sprawl.