The technical skill gap has increased as work from home took over due to pandemic
Technology is never 100% return-on-investment. It's different every time, depending on the current environment
Gartner's data showed that there was a 44% increase in the use of collaboration tools since 2019
Security teams directly report to the CISO in half of those surveyed organizations, but only 25% of them report to the CIO.
Low code SaaS platforms will opt for the mainstream is one of the predictions.
10 years since the publication of the oft-quoted Marc Andreessen op-ed "Why software is eating the world, which is the reality today.
A new report by DoControl Inc. has found that 40% of all SaaS data access is unmanaged, which can create insider and external threats.
Technology, labor, outsourcing, and overhead costs fall by 29% among "digital world-class," organizations with top digital performance.
Unlike on-premise, SaaS applications don't need IT review, approval, and installation.
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