Unseen SaaS spend is chipping away company's IT budget
Financial services are at significant risk due to the huge amount of sensitive data the industry holds on individuals.
Remote and hybrid workforces require a revamp in the overall security strategies
81% of U.S. IT leaders say that remote work has increased their security challenge
Since buying power has shifted to business units and departments, there has been an increase in SaaS sprawl.
Though some CIOs support IT leaders in their decision making, others worry about the complexity it adds on
The technical skill gap has increased as work from home took over due to pandemic
Technology is never 100% return-on-investment. It's different every time, depending on the current environment
Gartner's data showed that there was a 44% increase in the use of collaboration tools since 2019
Security teams directly report to the CISO in half of those surveyed organizations, but only 25% of them report to the CIO.
Low code SaaS platforms will opt for the mainstream is one of the predictions.
10 years since the publication of the oft-quoted Marc Andreessen op-ed "Why software is eating the world, which is the reality today.