81% Of Decision-makers Say Using The Expertise Of A Partner Essential For Digital Transformation

Commitment to continuous improvement, prioritizing the business, and allotting a dedicated budget were the other three ingredients for a successful digital transformation.

Forrester, in partnership with global software consultancy ThoughtWorks came up with a report "Secrets of Successful Digital Transformation". It focuses on the most important elements that are needed to achieve a successful digital transformation. In her article for the TechRepublic, Esther Shein has highlighted the important points from the report. 

Here is what it says:

  • 81% of decision-makers feel utilizing a trusted partner's skills/expertise is as or more important for success than choosing the right cloud infrastructure.

  • Though a company can initiate a single modernization initiative, true digital transformation requires continuous changes.

  • 76% of the most successful companies have said that it is a year to demonstrate business values through modernization initiatives.

  • Prioritizing the business when defining a roadmap was considered as another element to success.

  • Taking a cross-functional approach but allotting a dedicated budget to execute transformations was also reported as a best practice.

What Zluri Thinks

Digital transformation initiatives have become a common goal for companies post-pandemic. Enterprise software plays an important role, so organizations must know if the adoption of these applications has garnered value. IT leaders should have the relevant tools to calculate these metrics to ensure the success of their digital transformation efforts.

You can read the full article here.