Sitemap - 2021 - SaaS Whispers

One third of SaaS spend goes wasted says a survey

Finance sector will be the most affected due to shadow IT

The security strategies for remote workforce

U.S. Businesses excel in tacking Shadow IT

SaaS app sprawls increases in enterprises due to shadow IT

The roadblocks in IT leaders making their own tech decisions

Remote work has widened the technical skill gap, finds report

Are tech investments really yielding cost savings?

The rise in usage of collaboration tools causes IT complexity

Security teams would benefit if they directly report to CISO instead of CIO, says report

3 SaaS predictions for 2021

The 10 year old quote really did come true - "Software is eating the world."

40% of SaaS data access unmanaged

Spending 3% more on tech can save 29% on budget says a report

How to tackle SaaS sprawl

Zluri releases its latest offering - SaaS Buying 

SaaS Governance With The Experts

Six tips to ensure success for IT managers

Healthy ties between CIOs and CISOs necessary to prevent cyber attacks

Tech spending is about to increase as pandemic restrictions ease

Create A Positive And Effective Cybersecurity Environment; Abolish The Shame Culture

Things That Your SaaS Vendor Won't Provide You With

Best Practices For IT Asset Management

New Risk Of Malware Found In SaaS Applications

How Are Businesses Prepared For A SaaS Outage?

Post-Covid Cloud Software Growth Rate Still Remains High

Gusto To Sell Its Service As API To External Platforms

Educational Webinar On Getting SaaS Management Right For Your Organization

Investors Keen On Cybersecurity Space As APIs Become Vulnerable To Attacks

Framework To Preserve Privacy And Uphold Performance

How Can Companies Realize The Full Potential Of The Cloud

IT heads and business leaders are in disagreement about purchasing tech solutions.

90% of B2B Decision-Makers Believe The Remote And Digital Model Will Persist In The Long Run

Increasing Cyber Threat Issues Due To SaaS

SaaS Ed-Tech Companies To See A Growth Of 18% From 2020-27

Cloud Computing In Healthcare To Touch $51.9 Billion by 2024

Compromised Cloud Accounts Cost $6.2 Million For Companies On Average

A SaaS Tracking Template To Help You Get Started With Managing Your SaaS

Listen To Experts Speak On SaaS Management And Other IT Topics

Top IT Cost-Cutting Mistakes You Must Avoid

Network Monitoring and DPI Can Help Find Shadow IT

SSO Wall Of Shame Created To Highlight Vendors Who Offer SSO As a Premium Feature

Post-Pandemic Welcomes New Normal In Cloud Security

31% of industries invest nearly 10% budget on SaaS

Cloud Can Make Your Digital Transformation Smooth

81% Of Decision-makers Say Using The Expertise Of A Partner Essential For Digital Transformation

Why Is SaaS Sprawl A Challenge?

9 Out Of 10 IT leaders Expect Cloud Usage To Exceed Post COVID-19

Data Of Echelon Users Exposed Due To Leaky API

AWS Unveils An Open-Source Tool To Turn On-Prem Software to SaaS

50% Of Employees Agree Using Company Devices As Personal Ones

Expensify Upgrades Plan And Increases Its Price 4x, Without Informing Subscriber

Zero Trust Is The New In-Thing In Cybersecurity

A Scary 44% Of Employees Could Still Access Company Documents After Quitting

Spending On Tech Staff To Rise By 4.6% in 2021

80% of IT leaders believe Shadow IT will be a massive issue by 2025

AI, 5G, And IoT Are Atop The List Of Emerging Technologies

5 Tips For IT Leaders To Thrive In The Remote World

83% of IT leaders don't have a strategy in place to manage their SaaS

Cloud Spending To Scale $332B This Year

33% Of Workers Are Not Happy With Their Tech Stack

Proactiveness Is A Must for IT Teams

Digital Transformation Initiatives Will Skyrocket IT Spending To $4.1 Trillion

Role Of Transparency And Security In Technology Decisions

Best Practices For Comprehensive SaaS Security

Why Are Adobe's Subscription Charges Under the Microscope Today?

Rise Of Shadow IT

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